The vision of Guitar Houston is to bring together people that love classical guitar and its historical relatives, such as the lute and the early romantic guitar, in a friendly environment that supports amateur and professional players.

Why not call this a guitar society? Certainly, one can think of Guitar Houston as a guitar society, however, the founders felt the word “society” is sometimes confused as meaning “exclusive” or “academic”. We want guitarists and music lovers to have fun, learn about the guitar, hear it performed and have a chance to perform in a non-threatening environment.


Guitar Houston is a non-profit organization which is open to all players and aficionados. Guitar Houston sponsors concerts and master classes of well-known guitarists. Additionally, Guitar Houston supports worthy and talented developing artists at the beginning of their careers through free concerts and community outreach programs.

Guitar Houston provides the greater Houston area with cultural enrichment. Members benefit from opportunities to perform, learn from each other, and share ideas. The community benefits include fine arts cultural education and outreach programs which consist of volunteer performances at nursing homes, schools, and other public forums.

Guitar Houston is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which operates through an elected Board of Directors and subject to by-laws registered in the State of Texas. Operating expenses, including concert artists and production fees, printing, computer, internet, and meeting materials, are based on your contributions. Membership dues are critical to Guitar Houston’s future success. Check with your tax adviser to determine if your contributions are tax deductible.